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Mark Thomas Smith Is the 2020 Division 3 Super Street Champion

Blogs from December, 2020


From Closing Cases to Winning Races

Attorney Mark Thomas Smith has an unwavering determination to succeed in everything he undertakes. In his cases, he is a practiced professional prepared to put in the work his clients need. He carries this enthusiasm and resolve with him when he steps out of the office and onto the racetrack. This mindset led him to his most recent victory where he earned the title of Division 3 Super Street Champion!

Mark was introduced to racing at an early age. His father, George, took him to watch events every weekend from April to November. George Smith was a racer himself, having started competing in the mid-1970s in Super Pro, Super Gas, and Super Street. George spent his life around cars and was eager to share his passion with his son.

Mark’s admiration soon turned to participation. He has competed regularly in the Division 3 Super Street since 2010, twice coming in second for overall points. One of these runner-up finishes happened just last year when Mark lost in a tie. Unfortunately, the tie was awarded to the other driver in accordance with an NHRA policy favoring the driver holding the edge in head-to-head match-ups.

Nevertheless, Mark was able to redeem himself this year and emerge victorious.

While George, currently undergoing cancer treatment following a diagnosis in July, couldn’t be there to cheer Mark on in person, Mark was still able to have him close by. The car he drove to victory – a mustang endearingly nicknamed “White Lightning” by Mark’s daughter, Savannah – was built entirely by George.

Mark Smith anticipates racing in the full schedule next year with the goal of protecting his division champion title. That is, when he isn’t helping Bowling Green families with their legal needs, of course.

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