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Bowling Green Assault Defense Attorney

Aggressive Defense Against Assault Accusations in Kentucky

Smith & Wilcutt, LLC passionately represents clients charged with assault in the state of Kentucky. Whatever your situation, we can discuss your options and determine an effective legal strategy. Our lawyer has thorough knowledge of federal and state laws regarding assault. From start to finish, we can personally guide you through the process and tenaciously uphold your rights in court as you pursue a favorable outcome. Call us today at (270) 972-4068 for a free consultation.

Understanding Assault Charges In Kentucky

In Kentucky, there are 4 main types of assault charges. These include first, second, third, and fourth-degree assault. First-degree assault is prosecuted as a Class B felony offense, second-degree assault counts as a Class C felony, and third-degree assault is typically prosecuted as a Class D felony. On the other hand, fourth-degree assault is counted as a Class A misdemeanor.

The penalties for a conviction differ for each charge. There are many factors that influence what charges a defendant may face. These involve the motive of the defendant (whether the action was intentional, wanton, or reckless), as well as the severity of the injuries the victim suffered. If the assault was directed against a police officer, an employee of a residential treatment facility or detention center, a parole officer, or a DSS worker, the penalties will increase.

What are the Penalties for Assault in Kentucky?

Penalties for an assault conviction in Kentucky include:

  • Fourth-degree assault (Class A misdemeanor) – 12 months in prison plus enhancements
  • Third-degree assault (Class D felony) – 1-5 years in prison
  • Second-degree assault (Class C felony) – 5-10 years in prison
  • First-degree assault (Class B felony) – 10-20 years in prison

In order for the prosecution to reach a conviction, it must prove that the defendant acted intentionally (wanting to cause harm to the victim), wantonly (not caring about the safety of the victim), or recklessly while using a dangerous weapon or instrument (without realizing the action will cause injury to the victim). Depending on the situation, those convicted may also face heavy fines. A thorough investigation is crucial to building a solid defense, and our firm can gather witness statements, request medical records, and examine police reports to understand your circumstances.

Contact Our Assault Lawyer in Bowling Green Today

At Smith & Wilcutt, LLC, we have guided numerous clients to successful legal solutions. If you are facing charges of assault in Kentucky, our team has the experience to help. We can talk with you throughout the process and tailor a defense strategy to suit your particular needs as you seek to lessen or drop the charges. We value open and honest communication. With our Bowling Green criminal defense attorney, you will never be left in the dark regarding your case.

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