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Domestic Violence Order

Bowling Green Domestic Violence Attorney

Fighting For Domestic Violence Victims in Kentucky 

In the state of Kentucky, domestic violence is considered to be any physical, mental, emotional, or sexual abuse that is inflicted upon an individual by a member of his or her family, a person he or she is in a romantic relationship with, or any person living in the same residence.

Men, women and children can all be victims of this crime, and domestic violence spreads across all demographics and age groups. If you are a victim of domestic violence, it is important to know that you have options to protect yourself and your family. An attorney from our firm can help provide you with temporary emergency protective orders and permanent domestic violence orders that will help ensure that your alleged abuser does not come into contact with you or your children again.

At Smith & Wilcutt, LLC, we prioritize your safety. Our Bowling Green domestic violence attorney will act swiftly to secure the protection you need.

Domestic Violence Hearings

If necessary, our attorneys will file legal action against the abuser and help you collect evidence and file paperwork to obtain a protective order. Domestic violence orders offer long-term protection for victims and are granted following a court hearing.

At the hearing, both you and the alleged abuser will have the chance to display evidence and tell your sides of the story. You may have your attorney present with you at the hearing. Once granted and served to the abuser, the order will be enforced for up to three years and can then be extended every three years as necessary.

What Type Of Protection Can I Get From A Domestic Violence Order?

A Kentucky domestic violence order (DVO) can:

  • prevent your abuser from committing acts of domestic violence/abuse against you;
  • stop your abuser from having any contact with you, including face-to-face, telephone, written, electronic, through a third party, etc.;
  • order your abuser to stay up to 500 feet away from you;
  • order your abuser to stay away from any specified residence, school, or place of employment;
  • prevent your abuser from selling or destroying any of your individual property or shared property;
  • require your abuser to leave the home you share;
  • award you temporary child support;
  • give you temporary custody of your children;
  • provide you with any other protection necessary to eliminate future domestic violence; and/or
  • order that either or both of you receive counseling services.

Contact Our Domestic Violence Lawyer in Bowling Green Today

We encourage residents of Bowling Green and the surrounding communities to work with a Bowling Green family law attorney from our team as soon as possible. We understand that you may be feeling stressed and upset about what the future may hold, but we will work to provide you with a swift resolution and to ensure that justice is served to your wrongdoer.

If you have been abused or are concerned for the safety of your children or yourself, do not hesitate to contact Smith & Wilcutt, LLC right away.

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