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Have you been arrested for a theft crime in Kentucky? If so, it is important that you retain trusted representation as soon as possible. With the guidance of Smith & Wilcutt, LLC, you may be able to obtain a favorable outcome for your case. We have over 25 years of experience handling a variety of criminal cases and we encourage potential clients to seek our counsel as soon as possible.

When prosecutors assess your charges, there are a few things that they may take into consideration when determining potential penalties against you. In order to fully protect yourself and your future, you need to work with an experienced, trusted and honest representative - you need to work with a criminal defense lawyer from our firm.

You can rely on us to defend you if you've been charged with a misdemeanor or a felony theft crime. When you retain our services, we will review your case thoroughly and listen to your side of the story. After giving these factors proper consideration, our talented team can build an effective legal strategy on your behalf to help secure the best possible outcome for your case.

Defenses Against Theft Charges

One possible defense against theft charges is that the accused indiviudal did not understand or know that the stolen goods belonged to someone else. This would apply to situations where individuals receive the stolen goods from someone else without knowing they were acquired illegally. In other situations, the accused was actually given consent to take the property, and is now being wrongfully accused of theft. And lastly, there is the simple possibility of being wrongfully identified as a suspect. There are some cases, of course, of wrongful identification of a suspect.

No matter what the circumstances are surrounding your case, the experienced attorneys at Smith & Wilcutt, LLC are here to help!

Trusted Legal Representation After an Arrest

In the event that you were arrested and charged with a criminal offense, it is important that you immediately retain the guidance of Smith & Wilcutt, LLC. At our firm, we have an in-depth understanding of the various laws in Kentucky as they apply to theft cases and we can use our experience and knowledge to your advantage. If you were charged with shoplifting, petty theft or grand theft, Smith & Wilcutt, LLC can help.

Even if there were aggravating factors and you were charged with robbery, burglary or a theft crime that involved a deadly weapon, our team can zealously protect your rights and defend your freedoms.

If you have been arrested for any theft-related offense in Kentucky, work with a Bowling Green attorney today! Contact our firm to schedule an appointment (270) 972-4068!