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Manufacturing Methamphetamines

Manufacturing Methamphetamines

Legal Guidance from Bowling Green Criminal Defense Lawyers

Methamphetamines, also referred to as meth, are some of the most abused and highly consumed drugs in the state of Kentucky. This highly addictive drug has been associated with thousands of crimes in the state and has slowly been on the rise in terms of usage, sales, and manufacturing.

The state has implemented numerous laws, such as KRS 218A, and policies to help reduce the availability of methamphetamines and their components. Anyone found owning, manufacturing or possessing meth can be subject to serious consequences and penalties.

If you have been arrested and charged with manufacturing meth, you need to consult a Bowling Green criminal defense lawyer from Smith & Wilcutt, LLC as soon as possible.

Regulations on Pharmaceuticals Used to Make Meth

In an effort to prevent individuals from obtaining chemicals and drugs needed to create meth, pharmacies must comply with state and federal regulations. There is an electronic system that pharmacies implement that denies the purchase of particular items within a 30-day time limit and regulates the type and amount of certain medications that a person can obtain.

Despite the regulations, some individuals still illegally manufacture this dangerous drug. Being caught operating a meth lab, meth house, or attempting any other form of drug manufacturing could leave you facing a Class B felony charge or Class A felony if you are a repeat offender. If you have been arrested, it is absolutely essential that you retain the representation of Smith & Wilcutt, LLC right away.

Protecting Your Future and Rights

After an arrest for a drug crime, it is important that you contact Smith & Wilcutt, LLC. Our team understands that this time in your life can be frightening, and we stand ready to provide you with outstanding representation and dedicated defense for your case. We will never back down from a fight and we are not afraid to challenge evidence, interview witnesses, and review police records.

If you have been arrested, or a loved one is facing a charge for allegedly manufacturing methamphetamines, contact a Bowling Green drug crime lawyer right away. Schedule a free consultation with one of our lawyers today at (270) 972-4068!